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WhiteSpace Financial, LLC is a boutique investment management and wealth advisory firm. Our clients are typically business principals and their families and most are located throughout Northern California, predominantly in Silicon Valley . We take a broad and deep view of wealth management and we address 12 core issues when helping our clients accumulate, protect, and ultimately distribute their wealth.  

The name WhiteSpace refers to the creative energy released and the insight obtained when focus changes away from the subject and onto the negative spaces — what we call the white space. The artist painting a flower might shift focus to the space between the petals and pistil. The musician spaces the notes, using sound and silence in a way that can never be exactly repeated or duplicated. Each painting, each performance, every work of art is unique — and so is the life of each of our clients. 

Our focus at WhiteSpace Financial is the white space around our clients. Traditional investment firms and banks focus on the financial products — how they’re designed, priced, and delivered. Better firms focus on the client — their demographics, goals, and resources. Walls, windows, and doors may form a house, but it’s the space in between that makes it a home. WhiteSpace Financial seeks a more intimate, customized understanding of you, our client. Your unique footprint in the WhiteSpace is how markets, money, wealth, business, and family surround you. Welcome to our WhiteSpace. 



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WhiteSpace Financial, LLC

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